our tarot readings can shine light into the darkness of confusion, frustration, and tough situations you're unable to solve on your own.


these appointments take place in a Discord chat. first we take a look at your inquiry, ask any clarifying questions we may have, and schedule a time for you to chat live with us. we'll review your natal chart and put together a tarot spread tailored to your needs. on appointment day, we'll meet in our group chat to we present your cards and our analysis of their meaning. we then spend the remaining appointment time answering your questions, explaining the symbolism of the cards, and providing as much guidance and clarity as you need.
text chat is preferred, but we can do video or voice if you want.

your reading includes a custom tarot spread, 30 or 60 minute discord chat session with us, and high-res photos of your spread a .pdf summary of your reading to be delivered via email after your appointment.

Tuesday thru Saturday
3pm - 10pm EST